About Cathy Parker

I, Cathy Parker, started working in the accounting field in 1972 with Johnson & Jennings, CPA’s in Bartow, Florida.

It wasn’t long after I began that I knew I wanted to stay and pursue a career in the accounting field.

When Johnson & Jennings split, I continued on with Richard E. Johnson. Unfortunately, Richard passed away in 2000 and I was encouraged to open my own accounting firm. I have to say I was so fortunate to be able to carry on where he left off and that his clients had no second thoughts in staying with me.

I graduated from Bartow Senior High School in 1974 and attended Polk Community College. After passing the Enrolled Agent exam in 2000, I obtained my license to operate as an Enrolled Agent. I also maintain my status as a member of the National Society of Accountants.

Many ask me, “Cathy, what is an ‘Enrolled Agent’?”

Enrolled Agents (EA’s) provide tax preparation services, audit and collection representation, tax planning and other financial services to both individual taxpayers and business entities. EA’s are tax professionals tested by the IRS on their knowledge of tax law and regulations. As the only tax professionals so tested, they are federally licensed, and able to represent their clients nationwide. EA’s are bound by a code of ethics and professional conduct. They are required by the IRS to complete annual continuing education, and like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPA’s) are governed by Treasury Circular 230 in their practice before the IRS. Here is a link to Wikipedia for more information on Enrolled Agents.


They also wonder, how do Enrolled Agents differ from other tax experts?

EAs are the only practitioners who have demonstrated competence specifically in matters of taxation. Also, they are the only representatives for taxpayers who receive that right from the U.S. Government. (CPAs and attorneys are licensed by the state(s) they practice in). An individual may become an Enrolled Agent in one of two ways: The primary way is to pass a difficult, two-day examination given annually by the IRS. The test covers taxation of individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts as well as procedure and ethics. Less than one-third of individuals taking the examination have passed, allowing them to apply for enrollment and subject themselves to a background investigation. The other way is to have been employed by the Internal Revenue Service for five years, regularly applying and interpreting the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and regulations.

I’ve been preparing taxes since 1973 (39 Years). My son, Duane, joined me in 2011. He also graduated from Bartow Senior High School. His expertise was in the Mortgage Field but has developed the same desire that I did in the field of accounting.

“We enjoy helping and educating people about what they need to know regarding taxes. The more informed they are, the better questions they’ll ask. We work hard to get each of our clients the greatest return possible so they’re keeping more of the money they’ve worked so hard for. It’s a joy and a pleasure to work with my clients and help them in any way we can.”

Looking at short and long term tax ramifications are just one part of the many personalized services we offer. Unlike our competitors who turnaround tax returns in a matter of minutes without any regard to the long term affects; we turnaround tax returns while constantly think about how today’s decisions might affect something down the line.

Ready to try the Cathy E. Parker, E.A. difference?

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– Cathy Parker