Payroll Services, Bartow, FL

The payroll services that we offer to businesses in the Bartow, FL area include payroll preparation, processing, and reports.

Payroll Services, Bartow FLAt Cathy E. Parker, E.A. Bookkeeping & Tax Service, we are dedicated to helping your business succeed. With our payroll services, we can save you time, money, and help you prevent costly payroll errors that could have the potential to harm your operations.

There are several different payroll services that we provide to businesses in the Bartow, Florida area. These include:

  • Payroll Preparation – Do you need more hours in your day to handle payroll and get everything else on your to-do list done? With our payroll preparation services, we can get your payroll documents prepared and ready to go.
  • Payroll Processing – Our payroll processing services allow you to easily pay your employees. We also make sure that all necessary tax calculations are accounted for.
  • Payroll Reports – When you allow us to develop payroll reports for you, we will present you with documentation of your company’s payroll activities in a manner that is easy to understand. This way, you can efficiently apply the information included in these reports to your business’ operations.

We strive to keep each of our payroll services affordable, so deciding whether to hand your business’ payroll activities over to us is an easy decision.

You can rest assured that your payroll activities are in good hands when you allow us to do the job, thanks to our 40 years of experience in the industry and because we are completely committed to our clients. To find out more about the different services we offer and what they entail, please contact us at Cathy E. Parker, E.A. Booking & Tax Service today.


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