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Accounting Services

Whether you own a business or you are looking for ways to better manage your personal income, knowing where to go for accounting services can make a big difference in your confidence and your management of your funds. At Cathy E. Parker, E.A. Bookkeeping & Tax Service, our accounting services are ideal for a variety of individuals and businesses that are looking for solutions to better money management. Here are four ways our accounting services can work for you:

1. Budget Management – Often, one of the most difficult things we are asked to do as working professionals is to manage our money. Whether you want to make sure your daily expenses are documented accurately or you need to ensure that you can save for a future expense, our accounting services are designed for budget management solutions.

2. Tracking Expenses – Tracking your expenses is a great way to know where your money goes and where you want to focus your spending. When you rely on us for accounting services, we’ll be happy to manage your receipts and expense tracking requirements.

3. Tax Professionals – Tax season can be stressful, but with the right accounting services and a knowledgeable tax professional on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your documents and tax payments will be in order and on time.

4. Easy Control – Ultimately, accounting services are a great way to achieve more control of your finances and know that you have a reliable professional ready to answer questions or help you more easily achieve your budgeting goals.