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Tax Dates

Information You Need to File Taxes This YearWith tax season upon us, you might still be waiting to file taxes for the year. If you want to make the process easier than ever by letting our team help you out, there are a few key pieces of information we’ll need from you when you come in to file taxes:

  • Prior tax payments–If you are a contractor who files a 1099, you make estimated tax payments throughout the year. When you see us to file taxes, you will need to bring documentation regarding these prior payments, so we can help you file a correct return and you don’t end up owing more than you should.
  • Income information–By January 31st, your employer should have sent you either a 1099-MISC or a W-2 form. Both of these documents outline how much money you received during the prior year, so make sure you have them handy when you start the filing process.
  • Deductions and credits documentation–Deductions and credits can reduce your tax liability or boost your return, so you will want to have documentation to back up any that you are claiming for the prior year. For example, if you are self-employed and want to deduct business expenses, you will need a detailed list outlining all of the ones you want to claim on your taxes.
  • Dividend and interest income–Form 1099 should be sent to you if you received any interest income during the prior year. Keep in mind that regardless of what type of investments you have, you must report to the IRS if they earn income.