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Payroll Service

Crunching the numbers during payroll time can be a big headache and take up a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was some way to manage your payroll more easily, so you could focus on running your business instead? One option that many businesses find beneficial is hiring a payroll service that helps them manage employee funds and ensure that everyone is paid accurately and on time. Here are a few more ways a payroll service can work for you:

1. When you invest in new employees, you can easily add them to your payroll system.

2. A payroll service can easily dispense moneys owed on designated pay dates.

3. You don’t have to worry about managing each employee’s payroll deductions and other tax items.

4. A payroll service is equipped to handle large volumes of payroll items at one time.

5. You can quickly and easily manage adjustments to employee compensation and benefits.

6. You can easily track employee longevity, total pay, and any changes to pay structure with your company.

Although hiring a payroll service may seem daunting, you’ll notice the advantages right away when you see that you have extra time to focus on your business while maintaining employee compensation standards. In fact, your employees will enjoy having a payroll service they can rely on, as well!

At Cathy E. Parker, E.A. Bookkeeping & Tax Service, we can provide payroll services and other account management solutions for your business. Contact us today if you would like to get started.