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Tax Dates

E-file Tax Return

It will be tax season again before we know it, and you may already be collecting your receipts and paperwork in anticipation of the big day. One thing that you may be thinking about is whether to e-file your tax returns this year rather than mailing in a paper copy – but does this really provide any benefit? After all, you’ve never had problems filing manually before. While filing taxes is something most people dread (and maybe even put off until the last minute), there are several reasons why e-filing your tax return is a great option:

  • Service – When you e-file your tax return, you may find that the services you receive around your taxes have marked improvements. Not only is this option more efficient, but it also requires less time and can often be a very cost-effective way to send in your taxes on time.
  • TurnAround Time – We all look forward to a refund check when it comes to filing taxes, and when you choose “e-file tax return” at the end of your session, you may just find that refund gets deposited a little bit sooner.
  • Savings – Not only will you be able to avoid printing (lots) of paper forms, but you can also save on postage and document storage. Additionally, you’ll save yourself the worry of whether your snail-mailed tax returns actually made it to the IRS.

If you have questions about e-filing your tax return, or you need assistance completing your return this year, give us a call at Cathy E. Parker, E. A. Bookkeeping & Tax Service. We look forward to hearing from you!